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A D P was first formed in 1976 as an Architect’s practice and in the mid 1990s it added Town Planning which has enriched the multi-disciplinary approach that we have today. Over the years we have undertaken a wide variety of project design and consultancy work in the South East of England representing major investment companies, developers, land owners, individuals and local councils.

We currently work as a team in our open plan offices. Individual team members contribute their specialities equally to each of our projects so that our schemes represent a true team effort.


Master Planning

Our method is to deliver a vision which has been led by a clear understanding of the objectives and requirements of many, delivering the technical and aspirational needs of the now, leaving flexibility for future additivity.

•   Identification of major growth locations   •   Promotion through the Local Plan process   •   Local Plan consultation responses   •   Community engagement   •   Establishing the team   •   Formulation of a brief   •   Conservation & protection   •   Transportation networks   •   Monitor developing Central Government plan  


Urban Design

We use a collaborative approach to engage in understanding the physical setting and making places which add to their environment and support the needs of the community they sit within. Our aim is to involve all to create successful places which are supported by their spaces, landscapes, buildings and groups of buildings.

•   Development suitability assessment   •   Local character assessment   •   Development brief   •   Streets & buildings analysis   •   Community & activity   •   Community involvement   •   Phasing strategy   •   Market presence assessment  



Regeneration is wide ranging and can be the renewal and restoration of places, spaces or buildings. We gain an understanding of the evolution of place or building so that it brings forward an informed scheme delivering improvement and suitability which will meet the objectives for its regeneration whilst being informed and respectful to its history.

•   Site analysis   •   Historic building study   •   Decontamination evaluation   •   Use & function study   •   Conversion/development proposal   •   Neighbourhood benefit exploration   •   Consultation documentation and dialogue with Local Authority  



The practice has delivered a large range of architecture since its formation and our evolution as a practice ensures that it continues to bring forward experienced and vibrant architecture in a balance appropriate to the venture that is brought to us.

•   Development potential assessment   •   Planning assessment   •   Consultation documentation and dialogue with relevant bodies   •   Local vernacular assessment   •   Conceptual analysis   •   Building volume representation   •   Client movement study and presentation   •   Resource efficiency review   •   Flexibility exploration   •   Detailed design   •   Preparation of tender and detailed specification package   •   Contractor selection & Cost analysis   •   Contract administration  


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