Planning Permission Granted for the Diversification of a Golf Course in the Green Belt

<-- Back to News Page February 7, 2020

We are delighted to have secured planning permission for an Adventure Golf Course in Surrey.

The existing site comprises a 9-hole golf course, with a clubhouse, and driving range. The proposed adventure golf course would be located on an existing driving range. The new adventure golf course has been sought to diversify the recreational offer at the site and replace an underused element of the site.

The site is located wholly with the Green Belt and within a designated zone of influence for Dumsey Meadow SSSI, and to the north east and the proposed Southampton to London National Pipeline Project.

The proposed scheme sought full planning permission for the replacement of the existing driving range and associated buildings with an Adventure Golf Course and revisions to the existing car park to provide additional car parking spaces. The course would have a number of features, including waterfalls, stone circles and ruined castles, together with associated lighting columns.

Currently the club is used predominantly by adults with prior golf experience. The proposed adventure golf course would open up the facility to a wider range of users of all ages and abilities and to non-club members to increase the financial sustainability of the club.

We were able to demonstrate to the Council that despite being within the Green Belt, the proposal would reuse an area of the site which is currently underused as a driving range and that the new features that will interest to the activity, would be low level and sit comfortably within the existing topography. Consequently, the proposal would meet national Green Belt policy as it would constitute an appropriate outdoor sports facility that would not harm the openness of the Green Belt.

The planning application submission was also supported by detailed information, such as drainage reports, ecological surveys etc to demonstrate that there would no technical impacts arising from the development.

This project represents an excellent example of golf course diversification to meet changing consumer needs and requirements.

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