Replacement Dwelling Approved on Mersea Island

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Back in 2011, we secured planning permission from Colchester Borough Council for the demolition of an existing bungalow and a large concrete block garage and their replacement with a new contemporary home. The site has now been constructed to a high standard is looking great.

The application site comprised a modest bungalow and outbuildings that was generally well screened from the surrounding land by boundary trees and hedges. Local planning policy supported the replacement of existing dwellings outside of the defined development boundaries provided the proposal is on a one-to-one basis and is of satisfactory design that does not significantly increase the scale, height and form of the original dwelling. Despite being 33% larger than the existing dwelling, we were able to demonstrate that the proposed replacement dwelling did in fact comply with this policy requirement.

We developed a high-quality and bespoke design that respected and comfortably sat within the rural surroundings. In fact, the proposed dwelling actually improved the proportions of the new building, compared with the original, by using spans more appropriate to Essex vernacular architecture. This was been reinforced by the use of natural boarding and clay plain tiles.

One of the common ways in which to secure a self-build and custom build plot is through the replacement of an existing dwelling. This is primarily because the principle of development has been established by the fact that a residential dwelling is already in situ. The main challenge however relates to the design and scale of the replacement dwelling, as each local planning authority often has differing policies to address this matter. Addressing these points can sometimes be time consuming, requiring negotiation with a local planning authority.

ADP has a very experienced team of consultants that can help design your bespoke self-build / custom-build project and navigate the planning process and negotiations with the Council. To discuss your development project, please contact as at and to find out how we can best help and to receive a no obligation fee quote for our services.

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