Planning approved for a replacement dwelling in the Green Belt in Basildon

<-- Back to News Page September 20, 2019

We are delighted that Basildon Borough Council has approved planning permission for a replacement dwelling on a site just outside Billericay, Essex.

The application site falls within the Metropolitan Green Belt, where there is a presumption against inappropriate development. The area in which it is located also comprises a small plotland area containing predominantly detached bungalows and chalets on large plots fronting the road in a semi-rural setting.

The proposed scheme sought the replacement of a small bungalow with a much larger bungalow, more than double in size, and the repositioning of the dwelling within the plot. Given the Green Belt location, we put forward a strong case to justify the development, demonstrating compliance with national and local planning Green Belt policy. A key consideration when considering Green Belt applications is the impact upon ‘openness’. Whilst the proposed scheme sought a replacement dwelling that is more than double the size in terms of footprint, the proposal would actually result in an improvement to the openness of the Green Belt at this location through: a more appropriately design and sited dwelling; and the removal of an existing car port and shed.

We also demonstrated that the proposed replacement bungalow would reflect the character of the dwellings in this plotland area by incorporating the following features:

– The proposed replacement bungalow would be centrally located within the plot, with sufficient circulation space, allowing a set back from the road and space to the boundaries with the neighbouring properties.

– The proposed replacement bungalow would reflect the height of the neighbouring buildings.

– The proposed single-storey dwelling takes on a locally inspired design by using dark-stained timber cladding.

In addition, we also pointed out to the Council that the proposed scheme would not have a detrimental impact upon neighbouring residential amenity and that there would no impact upon the highway in terms of capacity of safety.

This is an excellent decision, and highlights that with the right planning and design approach, there can be development opportunities in the Green Belt.

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